Finally... you can build A.I. from simple Spreadsheets.

No Code Required.

ML In Minutes, not Months.

See for Yourself.

ScienceSheet Cloud Turns Business Analysts Into Citizen Data Scientists


Leverage What You Have.


Business Analysts & Info Workers outnumber Data Scientists 80 to 1.


Use their inherent business data expertise to leverage your company's "Spread-Marts" into Building Blocks of Data Science.

Spreadsheets are the  #1 Data Analysis tool.

Excel Formula syntax is arguably the most common programming language in the world.

Their dreaded Search, Cleaning & Organization of Data may already be done.


The Clock is Ticking.

Info workers can't wait for 3- 6 months for traditional Data Science Process!

With ScienceSheet, Analysts may already have done the "Heavy Lifting" of Data Prep for Machine Learning .

Untold Value is scattered throughout every Organization.


Leverage your A.I. gold mine of Business Analysts. Let them build, deploy, and edit their own predictive models!

In Minutes, not Months.


Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

Thanks to advancements in AutoML (Automated Machine Learning)  a Data Scientist is helpful, but Optional.

If you have a Data Scientist, your business analysts can use Sciencesheet to generate data features and prototype an open source model for them! 

Leverage 100's of existing Metrics & Calcs into scaleable Stat/ML Models, using your existing IT & Biz resources.


Publish a business driven data feature store and a marketplace of enterprise predictive models.

ScienceSheet Comes out of Stealth Q4 2021

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We spent our careers building Predictive & Statistical Models for a swarm of hungry Business Analysts.

As a means of dealing with overwhelming demand for A.I., we got good at asking those Biz Analysts to prep us samples of data and examples of the business calcs & predictions they wanted from us.

We noticed that many of these Business analysts were really...great Data Analysts, by necessity had to make basic statistical and predictive models...


They had already sampled, cleaned, data, written a pseudo algorithm, using Excel formulas....

But they were stunted by limited data samples in Excel, and lacked the coding skills to build an Enterprise A.I. App....


So, we wondered if there wasn't a way to generate self-service A.I. right inside their spreadsheet prototype model!


We came up with a pragmatic solution:

Use A.I. to create A.I.

If you want to harness the power of Machine Learning but don't want to spend your entire career tweaking python code to drive .0001% accuracy gains to a Gradient Boosted Trees Algorithm.... this is for you.


Often, the greatest gains in predictive accuracy and usability come from the introduction of new data, called feature engineering.

No longer are these valuable Data Citizens bottlenecked by the Data Scientist or Engineer shortage.

No longer must they only execute their formulas in the confines of their spreadsheet...

We can also raise an army of business champions to collaborate and drive new innovation in your company's predictive model development. 


Not only can we leverage an army of Business & Data analysts to build your next great Machine Learning Model...

We can enable them to deploy to the world's most popular big data platforms... often with a single step.


Our powerful Data & Formula Ingestion Technology scours your company's existing spreadsheets, and translates those assets into statistical and even predictive models in hours, even minutes!

Then, we generate and deploy a live A.I. Application!

How is this possible?

Welcome to a New Era of Artificial Intelligence.

How does it work?

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